Vapor Cycle Systems

Custom Aerospace and Defense Cooling Systems

Mission-critical electronics generate significant heat and require efficient and robust cooling solutions. Our experienced team of engineers ensures that we design and manufacture thermal management systems that are extremely reliable even when operating in extreme environments. We specialize in the development of compact, robust, and energy efficient cooling systems for military hardware. We are ready to design, develop, qualify, and produce thermal management solutions specific to your aerospace and defense requirements.

Efficient Modular Cooling System for Aircraft

Xcelaero’s efficient modular cooling system is an electrically powered vapor cycle system specifically designed for cooling ISR, radar, and other electronic payloads on aircraft. The system has flexible mounting and interfaces and utilizes interchangeable components that can be configured to provide cooled air or chilled liquid. Heat is rejected overboard through an interfacing outside air channel. The system can also utilize various types of AC or DC electrical power.

A single cooling system can provide between 1kW and 5kW of cooling. The unit is designed for compliance with DO-160 & MIL-STD-810 environmental requirements and MIL-STD-461 EMI standards.

Compressor Technology

The Xcelaero positive displacement compressor is the heart of our vapor cycle system (VCS). With its high-efficiency design, it runs effectively all along its performance curve. Cooling capacity is modulated by varying the speed of the compressor, reducing power and extending mission range.

The size of the compressor can be changed to meet the cooling needs of your system. The compressor pump head, as well as the motor drive, can be optimized based on your application.

Our Engineering Team has expertise in turbomachinery design, acoustics design, fluid mechanics, and motor/controller design. We are equipped to design your system with our in-house engineering capability.