GaleForce 200

The Galeforce 200 is a compact, high performance air mover that leverage the world’s most sophisticated aero and motor technology.   Employing advanced, high efficiency PMDC motors, these fans are designed to be paired with a custom variable speed drive to provide a complete airflow solution.

The GaleForce is designed for severe duty service and tested to MIL-STD-810 for shock and vibration.

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  • MAXIMUM FLOW 1100 cfm
  • MAXIMUM ΔP 15.5 in. WC
  • SHAFT SPEED 15,000 rpm (max)
  • WEIGHT 7.3 lb
  • MOTOR DRIVE External, Variable Speed


  A (I.D.) B (Bolt Circle) C (Flange O.D.) L
in. 5.3 6.6 7.2 5.3
cm. 13.9 16.8 18.3 13.4


Optional Equipment

The Galeforce series features a variable-speed PMDC motor, which requires a compatible PMDC drive.  Contact Xcelaero for more information on developing a system for your application.

GaleForce 200

  • PRESSURE 15.5 in. WC
  • FLOW 1,100 cfm
  • DIAMETER 7.2 in.

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