Galeforce 500 – High Flow & High Pressure Fan

Xcelaero’s Galeforce series of fans are optimized for high performance, high efficiency, and low weight. The Galeforce fans are high-performance vane axial fans designed to be robust, light weight, compact, and low noise for the aerospace and defense market. Galeforce fans utilize 5 axis machined impellers and guide vanes to maximize performance. The fans in this series can provide between 200 cfm and 20,500 cfm of flow. The fans are available with a variety of motors and can run off AC or DC power. If an existing fan does not meet your requirements, Xcelaero can design a custom fan for your application.

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  • MAXIMUM FLOW 20400 cfm
  • MAXIMUM ΔP 33.6
  • SHAFT SPEED 5660 rpm
  • MOTOR TYPE Hydraulic


Galeforce 500 – High Flow & High Pressure Fan

  • PRESSURE 33.6 in. WC
  • FLOW 20,400 cfm
  • DIAMETER 22.6 in.

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