Galeforce 150

Xcelaero’s Galeforce series of fans are optimized for high flow and high pressure applications and provide up to 30 in. WC pressure head.  The Galeforce fans are high-performance vane axial fans designed to be robust, light weight, compact and low noise for the aerospace and defense market.  The fans in this series can provide between 200 cfm and 20,000 cfm of flow.  If an existing fan does not meet your requirements, Xcelaero can design a custom fan for your application.

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  • MAXIMUM FLOW 1100 cfm
  • MAXIMUM ΔP 15.5 in. WC
  • SHAFT SPEED 15,000 rpm (max)
  • WEIGHT 7.3 lb
  • MOTOR DRIVE External, Variable Speed


  A (I.D.) B (Bolt Circle) C (Flange O.D.) L
in. 5.3 6.6 7.2 5.3
cm. 13.9 16.8 18.3 13.4


Optional Equipment

The Galeforce series features a variable-speed PMDC motor, which requires a compatible PMDC drive.  Contact Xcelaero for more information on developing a system for your application.

Galeforce 150

  • PRESSURE 15.5 in. WC
  • FLOW 1,100 cfm
  • DIAMETER 6 in.

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