High Performance Fans & Air Movers

smaller, lighter and more flow

Smaller, Lighter, More flow.  The demanding requirements of A&D systems require high flow rates, high-pressure, high efficiency, and low noise.  Xcelaero provides solutions for these applications with standard and custom vane axial, mixed flow, and centrifugal fans. Xcelaero has 4 series of fans that are available in different diameters and motor types:

  • Flow: Vane axial fans that are optimized to provide up to 3 inWC pressure head.
  • Force: Vane axial fans that are optimized to provide between 3 and 7 inWC pressure head.
  • Galeforce: Vane axial fans that are optimized to provide between 7 and 16 inWC pressure head.
  • Helios: Radial fans that are optimized to provide above 16 inWC pressure head.

Low Noise Fan Design

Quiet and Highly effective performance

Xcelaero fans are designed with a multi-disciplinary approach focused on aerodynamics, acoustics, and electromechanics. Xcelaero has been developing low noise air movers for two decades for the aerospace and defense market. Fan noise is minimized at the source. This includes a design to minimize aerodynamic noise, motor noise, and structure-borne noise. Design goals include:

  • High Efficiency
  • Clean Intake Flow
  • Blade and Vane Count for Rapid Mode Decay
  • Motor Geometry for Low Current Ripple, Cogging Torque and Torque Ripple
  • Mechanical Design and Material Choices for Low Structure Borne Noise

Proven Durability


Our fans have been tested to military standards for shock, vibration, temperature extremes, and harsh environments.  Though it’s unlikely your application will exceed these conditions, we are ready to take on any challenge you might have.

Tailored Solutions

Xcelaero fans can be configured with custom mounting features and electrical connections. Our engineers can develop custom solutions to meet your application  requirements. Do you need more airflow for your mobile application? We can help.