MaxQ and HiQ Series

Xcelaero MaxQ and HiQ fans deliver more flow power than competing fans, and manage that flow power efficiently through innovative aerodynamics.  All of our fans feature simple direct drives, optimal motor cooling, robust impellers and industry standard clearances.  In other words, in terms of reliability and maintainability, you won’t be getting any unwelcome surprises.

More Flow Through Your System than the Competition


There’s no free lunch. If you need more flow you’re going to need more power. All fans are limited by size and speed, but ours give you more in the same package. You can rely on our best-in-class efficiency to ensure you pay as little as possible for that extra flow. Our HiQ and MaxQ direct-drive solutions simply do more than the rest.

More Size and Speed in the Same Package


All air-moving installations are constrained by something: space, power, speed, noise If you are space constrained, living with legacy ductwork, or just scratching your head at the top of everyone else’s curves, we have the solution you need. Our HiQ fans deliver the highest flow rates in the industry over the broadest range of system impedances.  If your application requires more flow across more moderate impedance, look to our MaxQ fans, which offer unique solutions.

  • Hi-Q Fans

    Xcelaero HiQ Fans are designed to deliver outstanding flow range and are tailored for higher impedance applications.

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  • MaxQ Fans

    When your application demands the absolute maximum flow rate, our MaxQ dual-core fans deliver.

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The Real World

The truth behind fan curves is that they represent performance in ideal environments.  Throw in some real world installation issues and you might be much more impressed with the fan curve than the fan’s real-world performance.  With Xcelaero,  your getting both a fan and an airflow support team that understands as-installed performance.

So if you find your current fans are delivering less than you desire, give us a call.  We will help you determine if what we offer can bring the airflow up, and your blood pressure down.