High Efficiency Compressors

High Efficiency, Positive Displacement, Twin Screw Compressor

Xcelaero’s HELIC 44 positive displacement compressor is the heart of our vapor cycle system (VCS). It was designed with the intention of not only providing a large thermal capacity, but also providing a high efficiency over a wide range of operating conditions. Cooling capacity is modulated by varying the speed of the compressor, reducing power, and extending mission range. The HELIC 44 is attitude insensitive, allowing it to be mounted in any orientation. It is flexible for use with R134a, R1234yf and other low GWP Refrigerants. Two MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors (11 pin and 6 pin) are used to transmit power and signal to and from the compressor. This compressor is capable of operating at an altitude range of -5 to +55,000ft.

The HELIC 44 has been designed to accustom two different motor types: one configuration uses a 400Hz Induction motor, while the other uses a permanent magnetic synchronous motor (PMSM). The induction motor configuration of the HELIC 44 has a dry weight of 47.0lbs with a capacity of 16.6kW at 12,000 RPM, 50°F saturated suction temperature (SST), and 120°F saturated discharge temperature (SDT) using R134a. The PMSM configuration of the HELIC 44 has a dry weight of 25.0lbs with a capacity of 30.0kW at 22,000 RPM, 50°F SST, and 120°F SDT also using R134a as the working fluid. The compressor pump head, as well as the motor drive, can be optimized based on your application.

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To download a copy of our HELIC 44 Compressor datasheet, click here.