Our Company

Xcelaero builds extreme air movers for industrial and defense applications.  With half a century of turbomachinery design expertise, our products can be found in everything from super-computers to heavy armored vehicles.  Whether it’s one of our stock products or a custom design, we are ready to help you with your most challenging airflow problems.


The Xcelaero Mission


Xcelaero is a solution provider.  Our application engineers can help you determine if  one of our class-leading products is right for your application.  And if they  aren’t the best fit, we will tell you that as well.

Our  products are designed to fill a need at the extreme edge of the application space.  We’re the folks to talk to when you need more.  More airflow, operating range, and durability.  We are also who you should talk to when you need less.  Less noise, space claim, and power draw. Our designs feature unique aerodynamics, innovative architectures, and are engineered to last.

Xcelaero maintains a corporate commitment to quality, with our design and manufacturing operations certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Work With Us

When you partner with Xcelaero, your team includes the best electromagnetic, thermal, aerodynamic, acoustic, and mechanical engineers in the field.

Proven in Extreme Environments

Xcelaero fans aren’t just about airflow.   Our coordinated design approach makes sure that the thermal, electromagnetic, and mechanical performance are also exceptional.  This  guarantees reliability  even in adverse conditions .   Xcelaero products have been qualified for, and fielded in, environments with severe levels of heat, cold, shock, vibration, and ionizing radiation.

Work With Us