Press Release

3/17/2022 Press Release – BHTech wins Phase II SBIR Award for Implementing Neural Network Algorithms on Neuromorphic Processors


The generation of real-time insights for the warfighter is an increasingly important area of interest, especially due to the growth of Electronic Warfare challenges. These insights require faster processors and smarter models that can be deployed at the edge in low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) configurations. Traditional von-Neumann based computing architectures are challenged by the complex learning models, low power budget and real-time needs of the warfighter. To mitigate this limitation, BHTech has proposed to the United States Navy an implementation strategy using neuromorphic processors to accommodate modern SWaP and performance requirements of the warfighter.

Bascom Hunter Technologies has recently been awarded a Phase 2 Navy SBIR award for BHTech’s proposal on implementing neural network algorithms on neuromorphic processors. During phase 1, BHTech has demonstrated in the superior performance of photonic based neurons within Continuous Neuromorphic Computing architectures for both electronic and hybrid-photonic hardware. In Phase 2, we will extend that work to create designs for a Neuromorphic Toolbox of solutions providing Electronic, Spiking Electronic and Hybrid Photonic hardware for Neural Network topologies. The Phase 2 Option will develop these designs into benchtop prototypes. The Phase 2 Option will also include the development of a VPX Neuromorphic Hardware that is HOST compatible. In Phase 3 we will be looking at optimizing solutions for the Navy and creating deployable Neuromorphic Hardware. This will be based on the Neuromorphic Hardware Toolbox that was started in Phase 2 as well as the development of BASE (Bascom Hunter’s AI Software Environment), which will aid the rapid migration of machine learning algorithms from Desktop Computing Systems to Edge Computing modules.

Neuromorphic Processors provide a realistic solution to obtaining real-time insights for the warfighter by leveraging an architecture that more closely resembles the Human Brain and are better suited to run Neural Network models. Our toolbox approach allows the best hardware architectures to be matched with the best software solutions, enabling the rapid conversion of cutting-edge technology into ruggedized, modular hardware. Our Hardware and Software Toolboxes will bring immediate benefits to warfighters in the Navy and beyond by extracting actionable insights in real-time at the edge (eliminating the latency problem when processing in the cloud). One application is the real-time identification of Radio Frequency (RF) emitters using Neuromorphic processors operating via trained Neural Networks.

To learn more about Bascom Hunter Technologies’ neuromorphic processor design capabilities or our strategies to improve network throughput, latency, and power consumption, contact us at: Contact Us – Bascom Hunter